3.5 years and $7K later, Halo's Pillar of Autumn built using Lego

There was only one ship.

It took three-and-a-half years and $7000, but, finally, we have a huge Halo spaceship made out of Lego.

The Pillar of Autumn is perhaps the Halo series' most famous spaceship, so it's only right that the virtual UNSC vessel was targeted for real life realisation via Lego.

The picture, below, shows off the creation, which is 2.15m long and 100kg in weight.

It's the work of one Lee Jones, who has also made Tolkein's Balrog and a recreation of Neo's final battle with Agent Smith from The Matrix movies.

Check out for more images.

So what will happen to the Lego Pillar of Autumn? According to Jones, the build suffered damage on its way home from a showing in Seattle and will be destroyed.

"A new SHIP will rise in its place," he said, "but from a different universe than the Halo universe."


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