The Witcher Adventure Game has been released


The Witcher board game - The Witcher Adventure Game - has been released.

It's available as both a physical board game and as a computer game version of that board game. The computer game version is a snip at 6.39; the physical board game is considerably more at ~35. Looks like a nice package, though.

The Witcher Adventure Game was dreamt up by board game boffin Ignacy Trzewiczek. There are four heroes who tour the board trying to finish Main Quests and accrue enough Victory Points to win. The best games are the longest because they bring out the most strategy, but you can bash one out in 20 minutes or so.

I wrote about how it worked early in the year.

The Witcher video game developer CD Projekt Red obviously sanctioned the whole thing and offered suggestions here and there, but the bulk of the design was done by Trzewiczek, the production by Fantasy Flight Games and the computer game version by smaller dev Can Explode.

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