Sting a pre-order bonus for WWE 2K15

Comes in two flavours.

The pre-order bonuses continue. This time its for 90s wrestling star Sting and WWE 2K15.

Pre-order the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 and you get Sting as two playable characters. One is the ghost-like Sting with black and white face paint from the WCW Monday Night War era, the other is his earlier look with blond hair.

"The only thing for sure about Sting is nothing's for sure, except my debut in WWE 2K15," said Sting. "I'm honoured to have my legacy immortalised in a video game. It's showtime!"

WWE 2K15, from 2K, is developed by Yukes and Visual Concepts. It launches on 31st October 2014.

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