This facial recognition software will turn you into Octodad

Now don't act too fishy.

Facial recognition software FaceRig will allow you to transfer your facial expressions onto Octodad using your webcam.

FaceRig launched an Indiegogo campaign earlier this year where it raised $307,015 (well over its $120K goal), so the company decided to reach out to game developers to find licensed characters to demonstrate the tech with.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch developer Young Horses was among the first to reply to this query and so FaceRig has released a video adapting one of its developers into everyone's favourite undercover octopus. FaceRig noted that this Octodad avatar is the same poly-count as the model used in the game "for authenticity".

FaceRig is still in development and the beta for its Classic and Pro versions is due this August while a fancier Studio version is expected to follow in 2015.

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