Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls patch 2.1.0 revealed

Seasons! Greater rifts! Leaderboards! The Cesspools!


Blizzard has detailed the first major content patch for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls.

Patch 2.1.0, which is "right around the corner", adds seasons, greater rifts, leaderboards, combat changes and The Cesspools to the action role-playing game.

Seasons work similarly to ladders from Diablo 2, Blizzard wrote on

They let you periodically start fresh, levelling our level one character and artisans from scratch. Doing so grants a number of exclusive rewards and unique legendary items, and you get to climb the new leaderboards by completing achievements, earning conquests (special season-only achievements) and running the new greater rifts.

Greater rifts, formerly tiered rifts, are special nephalem rifts designed to provide players ways to measure their gear progression and efficiency.

The Cesspools is a new area for Adventure Mode. It was originally designed as the sewers of Westmarch, but Blizzard didn't quite manager to get it into Reaper of Souls in time for launch.

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