Dragon Age: Inquisition "premiere" content first on Xbox

UPDATE: First single-player add-on a timed exclusive. More new footage.

UPDATE #2: EA demonstrated a High Dragon battle in Dragon Age: Inquisition live on its conference stage. The purpose was to show choice; you can either steam in and fight in real-time, swapping between characters on the fly, or you can choose a top-down tactical view and issue orders that way. We didn't see this in action.


A low-quality shot of the top-down tactical view BioWare showed during EA's conference.

BioWare also introduced us to a few of the new characters in your party - your inquisition.

UPDATE: Microsoft has clarified that the exclusive content will be the first single-player add-on for Dragon Age: Inquisition. This will arrive first on Xbox (360 and One).

ORIGINAL STORY: Microsoft has signed some sort of content deal with BioWare for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A new trailer aired at E3 for the game announced "premiere content first on Xbox". What that is, is unclear.

The new trailer showed a varied, colourful and raucous fantasy world to explore. The fire effect hurled from a dragon's chops was fantastic.

The game's out on new-gen and old-gen consoles, as well as PC, 10th October.

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