Take another look at Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo's odd Zelda spin-off

We're not gonna Triforce you to like it, but...

Remember Hyrule Warriors, that odd Legend of Zelda spin-off that Nintendo announced last year? Well, more of the title has now been shown off as the game's Japanese release nears.

Developed for Wii U by Tecmo Koei as a mash-up of its Dynasty Warriors series, Hyrule Warriors sees Link slicing through armies of Zelda enemies.

The new screenshots show a Skyward Sword-esque Link and fellow playable character Impa battling various familiar foes across the world of Hyrule. It's the first full HD Zelda title that's not a re-make or a mini-game - and it's looking pretty good.

There's also a glimpse at the game's female villain, Cia, who captures Princess Zelda out of jealousy and is possessed by an ancient evil (we're guessing Ganon. It's usually him).

The images originate from Hyrule Warriors' newly-opened official site, which makes reference to the game having DLC and more playable characters.

Due out on 14th August in Japan, the title still lacks a Western release date. Take a look at how the game's shaping up below.

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