Google developing smart contact lens to help diabetics

Will detect sugar levels via your tears. Really.

Forget Google Glass, the team at Google now want direct access to your eyeballs. But - wait for it - it's for a good cause.


The new eyewear won't let you check your emails or film unsuspecting passersby but, if you're diabetic, it may just save your life.

Google's gadget includes a sensor to detect the glucose levels via your tears, IGN reports.

A test is taken once every second and results passed via a tiny wireless chip to another device, such as your mobile.

The ingenious idea has already undergone clinical trials and Google is already planning a future version that will include miniature warning LEDs - these will activate if a user's blood sugar levels become too high.

One in 10 people worldwide will suffer from some form of diabetes by 2035, research indicates, making this (if cheap enough) a potentially life-saving device.

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