Rogue Legacy is coming to Mac and Linux "very soon"

Patch will add multiple save slots.

Platformer roguelike Rogue Legacy is coming to Mac and Linux "very soon," Cellar Door Games has told Joystiq.

The game is also coming to PS3, Vita and PS4, though no release window for the console ports has been announced.

Additionally, Cellar Door told Shacknews that the patch that will add Mac & Linux support will also add multiple save slots, so different users can play their campaigns on the same computer, or a single user can juggle different characters' adventures.

A second patch will add even more game content, but it's not yet been announced what this will entail. "We don't wanna go into specifics since things are still in flux, but we can say that it will be free," the developer told Shack.

Scribing sensation Chris Donlan was a big fan of Cellar Doors' roguelike. "Canny enough to keep you hooked, but sufficiently honest to throw in something a little more nourishing too, the genetics are pretty strong with this one." he wrote in his Rogue Legacy review.


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