New Dark Souls 2 footage shows off various combat abilities and enemies

Contains the Lordran equivalent of a Ninja Turtle.

A series of new Dark Souls 2 videos have come out showing off some of the new moves and enemies in this highly anticipated sequel.

Hosted by Famitu's YouTube channel, these four videos show off the various combat techniques of the Warrior, Sorcerer, Temple Knight, and Dual Swordsman. It's worth noting that these aren't necessarily classes in the full game, but rather ripped from the E3 demo where you can't go into your inventory and instead must choose one of four setups at the off. In the full game it will operate similar to other Souls titles where the class system will only dictate your starting gear and stats, but nothing more.

While the classes may be placeholder, the new videos still show off the newly added dual-wielding feature, spooky horse-headed foes, and a knight with half-shell who for all we know could be a Ninja Turtle under all that armour. He is encountered underground after all.

For more information on Dark Souls 2, I played through the sections portrayed below and more, which I wrote about in my Dark Souls 2 preview from E3. I primarily played as the Warrior and tinkered around with the Dual Swordsman, but in hindsight wish I'd gotten a chance to check out the Sorcerer. Those spells look rather spiffy.

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