Torchlight 2 editor Guts released with Steam Workshop integration

Plus, new NetherRealm game content and pets.

Full Torchlight 2 mod support has arrived. Developer Runic has released its in-house tools, named Guts, to the public.

Guts "lets you modify almost everything about Torchlight 2, from item and skill balance, to level layouts, animations, quests, and much more", wrote Runic.

There's a tool included that should convert any pre-Guts mods into mods that work with Guts. That's good news for the ambitious SynergiesMOD that Chris Donlan investigated for us recently.

Along with Guts comes Steam Workshop integration for Torchlight 2, providing a powerful hub where mods can be shared.

Runic has released new NetherRealm content for Torchlight 2 as well, which you can access via portals throughout the world. There are new monsters, armour sets, weapons, pets (a headcrab!), endgame map content and dungeons.

There's a brief Q&A with the Guts engineer and the NetherRealm designers on the Runic website.

Torchlight 2 is half-price on Steam (7.50) at the moment. Offer ends 8th April.

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