New Xmas Indie Royal bundle brings joy and mirth to the holidays

Or more specifically Serious Sam, Offspring Fling and Colour Bind.

With another holiday upon us that can only mean one thing; another Indie Royale bundle. The new Xmas Bundle 2.0 includes seven indie games for a negligible price.

Such titles include Kyle Pulver's puzzle platformer Offspring Fling along with his Indie Royale exclusive top-down defense game Namiko. There's also the physics-based puzzler Colour Bind, Lively Ivy's point-and-click adventure Puzzle Bots, turn-based strategy game Little Kingdom, and two Serious Sam titles; Vlambeer's RPG The Random Encounter, and Mommy's Best Games' 2D sidescrolling shooter/platformer Serious Sam Double D.

The current minimum price for the bundle is $5, but the price raises as more people buy it. However, paying above the minimum decreases the price for everyone else.

The Xmas Bundle 2.0 will end on Christmas day. For now, check out this trailer to see its wares in action.

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