Chris Roberts' space sim Star Citizen smashes Kickstarter goal with 26 days to go

"Onward to $3 million!"

Chris Roberts' PC exclusive space sim Star Citizen has smashed its Kickstarter goal with 26 days to go.

It had called for half a million dollars. At the time of publication it had raised $511,591 from 11, 271 backers.

The new figure goes some way to validating Roberts' decision to use Kickstarter after his own crowd funding website,, collapsed under the weight of fan interest.

The Kickstarter money, added to the amount raised on RSI, brings the total to $1.85 million.

Roberts' crowd funding effort is unique in that he wants to raise between two and four million dollars to validate his private investors' valuation of the project and thus spark further investment. The game itself will cost between 12 million and 14 million dollars to create.

"I can make it for this price because I'm not making it inside the system," he told Eurogamer. "If I did it inside the system that would be $20+ million."

"Hey, we hit our $500,000 goal on Kickstarter!" said a delighted Ben Lesnick, community manager at developer Cloud Imperium Games, on Twitter. "Onward to $3 million! New stretch goals and a ships plan SOON!"

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