New Colonial Marines trailer showcases pre-order bonuses

We know you've Biehn waiting for this.

Sega's leathery oozing egg sac has slowly peeled open, and a pre-order trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines has jumped out, all skittering and creepy.

In the trailer we finally get to see the in-game content that's on offer for anyone who pre-orders the game before its February 2013 release. Chief among these is the chance to play as "legacy characters" from James Cameron's 1986 movie. Gruff old Sergeant Apone. Handsomely deadpan Corporal Hicks. Squealing fraidy cat Private Hudson and illegally blond Private Drake. No love for poor old playground favourite Spunkmeyer? For shame.

No word on whether the actual cast members will reprise their roles - Bill Paxton isn't that busy, surely - or how this will fit into the series chronology, now that Hicks and friends will apparently be investigating their own disappearance on LV-426. We'll leave that to the fan fiction writers to sort out.

You'll also get your hands on Ripley's flamethrower, and additional customisation options for your marines.

Check out the trailer below.

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