Scrolls alpha "rapidly approaching" release

Mojang outlines Scrolls release plan, releases new gameplay trailer.

Mojang has outlined its release plan for Scrolls, the online collectible card video game.

In a post on the relaunched Scrolls website, Mojang co-founder Jakob Porser revealed that a closed alpha version of the game is "rapidly approaching".

This will include multiplayer matches, single-player matches versus the AI, and the Deck Builder. Currently, there are over 100 scrolls in the game.

At some point after the launch of alpha, as a stable version of the game is created, Mojang will release the open beta. At this point you'll be able to buy the game at a reduced price. This will include the single-player world, which you can explore and do battle in to earn new scrolls.

And then, over time, new features will be added, such as an auction house for the buying and selling of scrolls.

"So if you're curious enough to pick up a copy of the game, please don't be shy," Porser said.

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