Dishonored 12-14 hours long for "very direct players"

Up to 28 hours for "explorers who eavesdrop".

Dishonored is 12 to 14 hours long - for "very direct players", Arkane Studios has revealed.

But the promising first-person stealth action hybrid can take up to 28 hours to complete if you explore.

"Play-style matters a lot," co-creative directors Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio wrote on the Bethesda Blog. "Very direct players will probably get through the game in 12 or 14 hours. Explorers who eavesdrop a lot will take twice as long."

Meanwhile, in the same post, the pair confirmed the game includes six major powers and four enhancements (passive powers), as well as weapons, gadgets and 40 bone charms, which grant small supernatural perks. "But no one can have all of these things in one playthrough," they said.

Wondering how mana works in the game? "A small portion of the mana bar regens; just enough to use powers like Blink and Dark Vision, making them basically free," the pair wrote. "Beyond that, for the expensive powers like Possession or Bend Time, the player must rely on Piero's Spiritual Remedy (mana potions)."

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