Pikmin 3 revealed by Nintendo

Rock Pikmin shown off, new GamePad and Motion Plus gameplay.

First Pikmin 3 footage for Wii U

Nintendo has just revealed the long-awaited Pikmin 3 for Wii U.

The game sees series hero Olimar return, alongside his hundred-strong Pikmin horde.

Pikmin 3 includes a new species, Rock Pikmin. These heavy, boulder-esque brutes can be thrown to break heavy objects.

You'll use Wii Motion Plus to specifically target foes, and shake the Nunchuck to throw.

The Wii U's GamePad screen shows the world's map. But you can also control the game entirely with the GamePad and control up to four Pikmin leaders at once. The four leaders don't include Olimar, for a "secret" reason.

Other features include the ability to record your playthrough of a level, to re-watch and improve your skills on another try.

Pikmin can now pick up and carry individual pieces of materials to build large structures like bridges. The critters can also ride lily pads.

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