Final Fantasy 14 welcome back incentives announced

Plus, cheap sub rates for loyal players.

Anyone who has an inactive Final Fantasy 14 account can return to the game for a 10-day free trial next month, publisher Square Enix has announced.

You can check out what's changed in Square's struggling MMO free of charge between 10th and 21st May, including the new job system, the Seventh Umbral Era content and a fresh dump of new gameplay due in the impending 1.22 update.

Meanwhile, Square is giving existing players a slap on the back for their loyalty.

All those who've been subscribed for at least 90 days between 6th January 2012 and the start of version 2.0 beta testing can take advantage of a lowered sub price of 6.89/€9.99 a month - down from 8.99/€12.99

On top of that, these so-call "Legacy" subscribers get an exclusive in-game Chocobo mount when 2.0 launches, and will see their name in the game credits.

Back in February, Square announced that it was cutting down on the number of game servers.

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