Dark Souls PC confirmed in German magazine

Prepare to Die Edition adds new bosses.

From Software's beloved action RPG Dark Souls is coming to PC, according to a reveal in German games magazine PC Action.

Dubbed the Prepare to Die Edition, it'll apparently be exactly the same game that launched on consoles last year, but with the addition of two new bosses: Guardian of the Tomb and the Black Dragon. There's no mention of whether the new content will also be made available to console gamers.

According to a summary of the article posted on NeoGAF, the new version will support game pads and be on shelves this August.

So, who said democracy doesn't work? Earlier this year, nearly 100,000 PC gamers curious as to what all the fuss was about petitioned Namco Bandai to bring the game to desktops. It seems the publisher was listening.

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