Stylish Vita platformer Sumioni heading West

Tenchu dev's latest channels Okami, Muramasa.

PlayStation Vita platformer Sumioni: Demon Arts is to get a US release, Sony has announced.

Xseed is handling publishing duties and it'll be out some time during the handheld's "launch window", according a PlayStation Blog post.

Developed by Tenchu studio Acquire, it's a stylish 2D platformer in which you control a little demon chap imbued with various ink-based magical powers.

You can sketch out platforms using the touch screen, summon gods with specific brush strokes or invoke forces of nature to dispatch enemies and help you on your way.

Befitting of its inherent inkiness, the game sports a rather lovely hand-painted visual style, sitting somewhere between Capcom PS2 classic Okami and arty Wii platformer Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

While we try and sniff out word on a European release, feast your eyes on the launch trailer below.

First Sumioni: Demon Arts trailer

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