LucasArts promises to make better games

"High quality" Star Wars games coming.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed creator LucasArts has admitted its recent games haven't been good enough but promised to do better in the future.

5/10 was the verdict in Eurogamer's The Force Unleashed II review. "While there are certainly pleasures to be had in The Force Unleashed II, they come off as the dregs of a concept that has run its course," wrote John Teti.

Now, LucasArts plans to return with a bang with better games.

"LucasArts is a company with tremendous potential," boss Paul Meegan told MCV. "I think people look at it and wonder why it hasn't done better in recent years.

"Lucasfilm has some of the most beloved and powerful brands in entertainment, we have a loyal community of fans, and talented people in every discipline. We're surrounded by staggeringly bright and creative people at the top of their games.

"In recent years, LucasArts hasn't always done a good job of making games. We should be making games that define our medium, that are competitive with the best of our industry, but we're not. That has to change.

"Our priority is to create authentic, immersive, high quality Star Wars games."

A number of Star Wars games are in development but none announced are being made inside LucasArts.

BioWare is hard at work on the Star Wars The Old Republic MMO, and Terminal Reality is creating Star Wars Kinect.

What is LucasArts cooking?

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