Mass Effect 2: Genesis hits Xbox 360

Previously PS3-exclusive comic expands.

Mass Effect 2: Genesis, the interactive backstory comic created for the PlayStation 3 version of stupendous role-playing shooter Mass Effect 2, is out now for Xbox 360.

Eurogamer reader Ian Healy alerted us to its appearance on Xbox Marketplace.

It costs 320 Microsoft Points, or 2.70. It was a free download for the PS3 version.

At the time of publication, Genesis was not available for PC.

The Dark Horse created comic was designed to introduce new players to the story of the Microsoft Game Studios exclusive first game, and offers around 15 minutes of content.

It allows players to make six of the major plot decisions that Xbox 360 and PC players could make in the original game, and turns up between the opening scene and character customisation.

Mass Effect 2 - The story so far

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