RedLynx reveals 1000 Heroz for iOS

Ambitious platformer from Trials HD dev.

Trials HD developer RedLynx has unveiled its next effort an ambitious iOS effort called 1000 Heroz.

It's a physics-based platformer with a twist every 24 hours for 1000 days a new hero is introduced, along with a new level to navigate and new relic to discover. Old levels and characters will remain playable after they've been introduced.

There will be daily time-based challenges too, with each stage boasting its own leaderboard. RedLynx also promises you'll be able to create a Custom League to challenge your friends.

"We've designed 1000 Heroz to last for a thousand days, so whether you play every day or play only occasionally, there's always something new for you," explained RedLynx creative director Antti Ilvessuo. "It's a new idea, where you can get your daily dose of Heroz right from the start."

"1000 Heroz has some of the physics-based timing of Trials with the jumping of a Mario-type game. Your character really runs with their feet. It's a blast to play every day."

1000 Heroz dashes onto the App Store some time in April priced at 59p for the iPhone version or 1.19 for the iPad.

RedLynx has one other project on the go too - WiiWare racer MotoHeroz. Take a look at Tom Bramwell's recent hands-on preview for more on that.

Debut 1000 Heroz trailer

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