First Hitman 5 screenshot revealed

Viral marketing comes to a close.

The first screenshot of Hitman 5 has hit the internet and pointed towards a reveal at E3 in June.

An alternate reality game, played by members of the Hitman community at, has led to the discovery of a number of images thought to be of Hitman 5.

Five images have been uncovered, four of which reference Toronto's CN Tower - the world's tallest building and freestanding structure in some way.

Fans have speculated that the reference could mean Hitman 5 is set in Canada.

The final image to emerge, below, is thought to be a screenshot of a CGI movie.

Developer IO Interactive confirmed in a post on that the ARG is over and the game will reveal itself at E3 in June.

Eurogamer was told, last summer, that a new and fifth Hitman game was being worked on and would be "most likely" released sometime this year.

There hasn't been a Hitman game developed from the ground up for PS3 and Xbox 360. The last game, Blood Money, was ported and upscaled from Xbox to Xbox 360.

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