See PSP's Final Fantasy IV Collection

Both better looking and deeper.

Square Enix's PSP remaster of Final Fantasy IV may be the best version yet, judging by a brand new website for the game.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection bundles Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, according to Andriasang's translation - a direct sequel that was released in pieces on mobile phones and, eventually, WiiWare.

On PSP these games have been spruced up and now boast 16x9, widescreen visuals; the CGI movies from FFIV on DS; and an all-new scenario to fill the transition gap between the two games.

There's no mention of a Western release date, so we're checking it out.

A revitalised version of Final Fantasy IV was released on DS in 2008. Eurogamer called it "assured" and "respectful" - Simon Parkin's full analysis awaits elsewhere on the site.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

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