Lionhead details Fable III patch

Game save and spawning glitches targeted.

A forthcoming patch for Fable III will fix corrupted game saves, spawning issues and frame-rate dips, according to an update from developer Lionhead Studios.

The studio said that it "has been hard at work addressing gameplay issues" on its critically-acclaimed but bug-heavy Xbox 360 epic.

The issues it's looking to tackle include:

  • General gameplay progression and spawning issues
  • Sanctuary map and audio functionality
  • Isolated corrupted game saves
  • General performance surrounding Orbs, audio, frame rates and other features

No date has been set for the patch yet, but Lionhead promised that it's "coming soon".

The developer also revealed it's planning a new voiceover pack for some regions.

In other Fable III news, the Understone Quest Pack DLC goes live today, adding new missions set in a mysterious town hidden beneath the streets of Bowerstone. It will set you back 400 Points.

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