ZeniMax buys MachineGames

Starbreeze alumni using id Tech 5.

ZeniMax Media - the company that owns Bethesda, id, Arkane and Tango - has bought another studio: MachineGames.

This developer was formed in 2009 by the founders of Starbreeze - the studio behind the Riddick games (Escape from Butcher Bay and Assault on Dark Athena) and comic-book conversion The Darkness.

MachineGames is busy making a new game using the impressive id Tech 5 engine. Bethesda Softworks (not Bethesda Game Studios - the developer part) will publish, but for now all details on the project are held back.

MachineGames CEO Jerk (!) Gustafsson said working with Bethesda and id was a "tremendous opportunity". He labelled his new project a "AAA title" that will "push the game development envelope".

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