Ubisoft Kinect trio are launch titles

Your Shape, Fighters Uncaged, Sports.

Ubisoft's trio of Kinect titles - Fighters Uncaged, Motion Sports, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - are launch titles for Microsoft's flashy new sensor.

Fighters Uncaged is for big boys and girls, and teaches you how to fight like a Thai boxer. You'll learn real Muay Thai moves and use them on opponents in a variety of dramatic settings: rooftops, alleys, city docks, etc.

Motion Sports, on the other hand, is a mish-mash of various sporting events: American football, horse riding, skiing, hang gliding, boxing and football to name a few.

Finally, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved aims to be the Wii Fit of Kinect, with heartbeat-pumping workouts as well as slower-paced yoga routines.

The Kinect camera, which comes bundled with Kinect Adventures, costs 130. It's out on 10th November.

Punch concrete! Skip! Float!

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