Ubisoft reveals Might & Magic Heroes VI

Classic strategy for PC next year.

Ubisoft has confirmed a new Might & Magic game for PC. This will be known as Might & Magic Heroes VI and be released in 2011.

We've no idea why the Heroes of Might & Magic title has been rearranged.

Chess-like battles coupled with a campaign map - a place for heroes to find battles, equipment, recruits and treasure, as well as level up themselves and their cities - will once again be the dual-aspect order of the day.

Developer Black Hole has taken over from Nival, which delivered Heroes of Might & Magic V in 2006. Eurogamer liked that.

New features for Might & Magic Heroes VI a new Reputation system and a beefy online community side to the game.

The story takes place before Heroes V and follows a resurrected Archangel who's out for revenge on the Elder races. But he's apparently underestimated the human dynasty of the Griffin Dukes - you.

You can find screenshots, videos and concept art on the Black Hole website.

Black Hole has worked on Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for PC, and console adaptation Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March.

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