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Yakuza and more Valkyria Chronicles are heading to PC

Gangster's paradise.

Sega's continuing to show the PC some love, bringing two Yakuza games and Valkyria Chronicles 4 to Steam in the coming months.

Yakuza 0 - a prequel to the entire series, and the perfect starting point if you've never dabbled in Sega's outlandish adventures - is coming first, and it's already available to pre-order on Steam, with a release due in early August and with support for 4K resolution and uncapped framerates. Yakuza Kiwami - a remake of the first game in the series - is due to come at an undisclosed later point.

And joining that small gaggle is Valkyria Chronicles 4, the latest instalment in Sega's strategy RPG series that goes back to basics and is coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch this October in the west following its Japanese release back in March. Not bad, really. Not bad at all.

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