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Xbox One prices drop in UK following Xbox One S announcement

Cheapest is £209.

Major UK retailers Amazon and Game have lowered the price of their Xbox One consoles following the announcement of the slimmer Xbox One S model at E3 this week.

Xbox One 500GB consoles were selling for £250 or more - ie. what we know a 500GB Xbox One S will cost - but that has now changed.

The best Xbox One deals are on Amazon, where a 500GB Xbox One plus FIFA 16 bundle costs £209. The base 500GB Xbox One box is £230, and the 1TB Xbox One is £254, although it appears to be in limited supply.

GAME's Xbox One 500GB FIFA 16/Gears of War: Ultimate/Ori & Rare Replay console bundles, meanwhile, are £230.

The Xbox One S will be available from August and introduces a 2TB hard-drive, internal power-brick, HDR support and a 4K Blu-ray drive - all in a 40 per cent smaller build. The Xbox One S is also slightly more powerful than Xbox One, but Microsoft told us this won't affect game performance in any way. We talked to Xbox boss Phil Spencer about the Xbox One S at E3 as well.

The Xbox One S also comes with tweaked wireless controller that has a textured grip and better Bluetooth wireless technology for increased range.

The 2TB Xbox One S launch edition will cost £349, the 1TB edition £299 and the 500GB edition £249.

You can safely expect more discounts to existing Xbox One models in the build up to release. We'll be adding those to our extensive rundown of Xbox One S details.

The Xbox One S. Smaller.

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