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Watch: Hard West is much more than a wild west XCOM

Fun the hammer.

I love pen and paper role playing games. I've co-written two of them, in fact, though neither has been released yet (thanks failed kickstarter campaign). My obsession began a few years ago with a game called Deadlands: Reloaded, a fast-paced western crammed with supernatural elements.

With that in mind, it's no surprise my interest was piqued by Hard West, a turn-based western with, erm, supernatural elements. At the time it was described to me as a wild west XCOM but, having spent a few hours shooting man and demon alike, I can confidently say that description sells the game a little short. Horror, strategy and a strong appreciation for role playing are all built into Hard West's very DNA, making it much more than a simple re-skin.

I've put my thoughts on Hard West into the video below should you want to watch it while eating lunch, but you'll be at minus two for the multi action penalty; minus four if you're using your off-hand. That was a role playing joke. I'm sorry.

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Hard West

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