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UT3 Titan Pack expansion this year

And Epic's working on a gigantic patch.

Epic Games has told Eurogamer that the Titan Pack expansion for Unreal Tournament 3 will arrive this year.

Specific details are still scant, but a spokesperson told us more will be revealed "very soon".

The words follow the revelation of an enormous Unreal Tournament 3 patch for PC, according to BeyondUnreal.

This enhances server browsing and beefs up the performance and appearance of the menus and interface. AI, too, has been "significantly improved", and client-side demos can now be recorded.

There's more: better network performance, map voting tweaks, Steam Achievements and fancier mod support. Full patch notes can be found on BeyondUnreal.

This update will arrive within the year, but that's as much as we know. Whether and when consoles will get the same treatment is also unknown.

Unreal Tournament gradually rolled out across PC and PS3 during late 2007, before heading to Xbox 360 in the summer of 2008.

Head over to our Unreal Tournament 3 Xbox 360 review for our most recent thoughts.

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