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The Last of Us Part 1 The Outskirts walkthrough

How to avoid the security forces in this tricky third chapter of the game, and deal with the vicious Clickers as you play through it.

Now you've been tasked with escorting Ellie to safety, our walkthrough will take you through the dangers of downtown, and dealing with the Clicker threat without making life harder for yourself.

Tess will be with you for the last stretch, as you make your way through a museum, and towards The Last of Us Part 1's Capitol Building area.

Plenty of enemies to take on here, and a few light puzzles. Let's get moving.

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With Ellie alongside you, keep making your way forward, picking up any supplies you see along the way. Take the stairs down on your left, then take the stairs on your right, go through the tunnel, and then go up the next set. Carry on down this narrow corridor.

When you eventually get to the open courtyard, keep walking forwards but keep your eyes peeled for a green container. Drag it over to the fire escape, then clamber up onto it so you can access the ladder. Climb the ladder, head inside, then keep heading towards the door. Open it and go inside.


Now that Tess is back, talk to her, then trail her into the secret room and get the generator powered up. Now switch on the lift.

Keep heading forwards and then go through the gap in the wall. Carry on until you come to a ladder, then climb up it and make your way outside. Keep heading forwards until you get to the lobster truck, then get inside it.

Right after you discover Ellie's extraordinary secret, you're going to need to leg it out of there, fast. Keep following Tess, staying out of the searchlights at all times. When Joel takes over, bear left to stay out of the lights, and keep moving forwards while using the shadows to avoid the attention of the guards. When you get to a new room, grab all of the items inside, then go outside and into the next pipe.

Keep trailing Tess until you arrive at what looks like a dead end. Take a right and keep going forwards until you come to a Spore Cadaver. Take it and carry on through the building, but be ready to be attacked by one of the vicious Clickers. Tess will finish the mutant, giving you the chance to pick up all of the supplies located nearby. Once you're done, catch up with Ellie and Tess in the watery room. You'll now need to help them get up the wall.

After following Tess for a little while longer, you'll have to take charge of the situation. Head right and jump down through the hole, then carry on forwards and to the left. You'll come up against a Runner shortly - take it out quickly.

There are more Clickers and Runners lurking around here, and we recommend being as stealthy as possible when taking the latter out one by one. When the Runners are dead, use a shiv on the Clicker's neck to finish off the final threat. As soon as Tess and Ellie catch up with you, trail Tess into the tunnel. Make sure you interact with any Firefly corpses here, as some of them have precious supplies and Artifacts on them. When you're done, go through the small gap towards the rear left-hand side of the room - just be ready to fight more Clickers and Runners on the other side.

Use shivs or any other stealthy weapons you have to eliminate the Clickers first, as you don't want to alert any other nearby enemies. Just keep in mind that you can't strangle a Clicker to death. Once you've finished off the first set of enemies, deal with the Runners and keep following the directions towards the Orange Line.

You'll have to boost Tess up when you get there, then follow her towards the truck obstructing the path outside. Use the container nearby to get over the truck, kill any of the infected you find in the next building, then grab the rubbish bin. Keep following Tess until she gets to a door, then yank the chain to open it.


Shortly after entering the garage, Ellie and Tess will start talking about the infected creatures. Make your way towards the light and make any changes you want to your weapon abilities. When you're finished, leave the garage via the right-hand door and look around. Eventually you'll come to a room with a massive bell in it.

Head left of the bell and then go up to reach the second floor of the building. Have a good rummage around for supplies up here, then get into the space beneath the debris. As soon as the path is clear for Ellie and Tess to join you, a pack of Clickers will show up too.

Kill all of the Clickers, then take the door on your left and head upstairs. Crouch before opening the next door you come to, as this will force Joel to open it up nice and slowly. Kill the Runner in the next room along, then go through the door to your right.

Keep following Tess and rescue Ellie from the Runner, but be prepared to face a fresh pack of Runners right after you've done so. Fortunately you can use your gun a little more freely now, as these are the last enemies lurking around the building. Once every enemy is dead, catch up with Tess and leave the building via the window. Travel up the fire escape, then use the plank to bridge the gap at the top.

The Capitol Building

Head downstairs, then take the rubbish bin from over on your left and use it to push against the gate. Leave the alley and then get in the water. Bear right, then head upstairs to enter the next building.

Tess will make her stand now, after which you need to take all the supplies from the table, before heading up the stairs to your right. Go left, then head towards the gap in the wall. Go through it to reach the next room, then take the hunting rifle from the corpse on the floor. Keep heading forwards, and use cover to avoid the soldiers.

When you've killed them all, carry on and into the next room along, but be ready to face the soldiers who arrive to your right. Once you've dealt with them, carry on going forwards until you come to some stairs. Go down them and bear right.

Follow Ellie all the way through the tunnel until she grabs you, then kill the two soldiers. Carry on past the train car and get in the water. As you swim, stick to the left-hand side until you reach a section you can get up on. Keep walking straight forwards, then jump back in the water. Use your light to make it easier to find the pallet floating around, then use it to help Ellie get across. As soon as she's lowered the ladder, climb up it, then carry on walking forwards towards the light.

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