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Tetsuya Nomura didn't realise he was directing Final Fantasy 7 remake

"So I called up Mr. Kitase and said..."

Tetsuya Nomura apparently didn't realise he was directing the remake of Final Fantasy 7 until he saw his name appear in the credits.

That's what he said in an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, translated and relayed by Kotaku.

"As preproduction went along and I offered my opinions on what I thought should be done, [Yoshinori] Kitase [director of the original FF7] would asked me how the individual elements should be adjusted in fine detail," Nomura said. "It was very perplexing.

"Then one day, as I was checking the internal company presentation video, it said 'Director Tetsuya Nomura' at the end.

"So I called up Mr. Kitase and said, 'It says that I'm the director for some reason.' To which he replied, 'Of course it does.'"

It turns out that both men had thought the other was going to direct it. What a laugh!

These days Nomura is well aware - and well into - his directorial role. Apparently he even tried to get the ball rolling on a remake "quite a while ago", but to no avail.

Tetsuya Nomura is also directing release date-less Disney-JRPG action game Kingdom Hearts 3, so he has a lot on his plate. He was also once directing Final Fantasy 15 - a game that grew out of his Final Fantasy Versus 13 project years before. Bit confusing. But he moved out of that role when Square Enix reshuffled the company in 2014.

The remake of Final Fantasy 7 was one of the major announcements at E3, and is coming first to PlayStation 4 - which suggest other platforms will get a look-in too. There's no date and there are no details beyond the teaser CGI trailer. Apparently the FF7 remake has been in developmet for a little while, but it could still be a long way off.

All of which should give you plenty of time to watch the four hours of reaction to the FF7 remake announcement at E3. Goodness me.

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