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Ten of the best Oculus Quest games you need to own

Simply the Quest.

With Christmas done and dusted, there's undoubtedly going to be quite a lot of you out there sporting brand new Oculus Quest headsets. That's excellent news of course, but your first foray into VR can be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing which games to buy first.

But that's where this week's episode of Ian's VR Corner comes into play as I thought I'd go over ten of the best Oculus Quest games that I think you need to own in order to get the most out of your new headset. In no particular order, these are titles that not only show the Quest off to the best of its abilities, but also will provide you with the most fun possible across a number of different genres.

You can check out the video version of this round-up just below these words where you can watch footage of each game featured or, if reading is more your thing, you'll find my entire list just under that.

Pistol Whip

Playing Pistol Whip on the Quest is legitimately one of my favourite things to do in VR at the moment. This rhythm action shooter makes you feel like you're John Wick gatecrashing a rave and you'll completely lose yourself in the experience as you duck, dodge, weave and shoot your way through each pumping scenario.

The gunplay has a some generous auto aim to it so even a beginner will feel like a complete badass, but once you've settled in and realised you get more points by killing to the beat of the music; that's when the gameplay really clicks and the whole thing turns into an epic dance of destruction.

Rec Room

Rec Room has easily one of the best and most welcoming communities in the VR social space and alongside it being a great place to meet new friends, there's also a tonne of games and activities to try.

While Rec Room on the Quest doesn't currently support the Battle Royale mode that's available on other platforms, you'll still be able to take part in sporting activities, shoot-outs, co-op quests and much, much more. Best of all, it's completely free so there's no excuse not to have it in your library!

The Exorcist Legion VR

There aren't a huge amount of horror games available on the Quest at the moment and those that are there tend to be a bit jump-scary and gun heavy in nature. Not so, The Exorcist Legion VR though. If you want to feel genuine, pit of your stomach terror, this is the game for you.

Legion plays out at quite a slow pace but the deep narrative that runs through its 5 episodes is super creepy and builds into some quite unsettling moments. Playing untethered on the Quest is the best way to experience this game as it will make the escape room style exploration feel way more immersive than if you were confined to a chair. So, if you want a horror game that will chill you to the bone rather than pump you full of adrenaline, this is the game for you.

Job Simulator

For fun, laughter and family friendly entertainment, you can't get much better than the delightful Job Simulator. Completing the wacky tasks set by the game's comical computers is completely stress free thanks to the untethered gameplay of the Quest and you'll have a wonderful time causing mischief and mayhem in the game's four different scenarios.

This is a great starter VR game that is comfortable for anyone to play, regardless of their VR experience and the way it uses humour to immerse you in the experience is top notch. Honestly, I can't think of many games better than this to use as an introduction to the magic of VR.

Red Matter

Red Matter is one of my favourite games on the PSVR and its developers have done absolute wonders with this port. This sci-fi escape room game looks gorgeous on the Quest and the way it gives virtual objects an almost physical presence is masterfully done.

The puzzles are great, they're tricky without being unfairly hard. The story is creepy and atmospheric without being overly scary and it all comes together to give you an incredible sense of immersion, which will make you forget you're even in VR at all.

Death Horizon: Reloaded

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead and want to experience what it's like to be in your very own zombie apocalypse, Death Horizon: Reloaded has got you covered. In my opinion this is the best zombie shooter available on the Quest at the moment and, as you make your way through a research centre full of undead hordes, you'll get to fire a variety of beefy weapons, from shotguns to assault rifles and dual wielded pistols.

It's scary, it's action packed and, now that the developers have added smooth locomotion, it feels great to play. While it is quite a short game there are more levels planned for a February update along with a multiplayer mode that's due in March, which should add much more longevity to the game.


Moss is easily one of the best VR games I've ever played and even with graphical limitations of the Quest, it still looks incredible. With a touching story, a cute and incredibly well animated protagonist who is just overflowing with personality and a game world that's full of puzzles, platforming, combat and secrets, Moss feels like a Studio Ghibli movie come to life.

The little dioramas that make up the pages of the storybook are super detailed and with the Quest you'll easily be able to lean into them as you pull and push at the scenery in order to help little Quill on her adventures. This really is a masterclass in VR storytelling and it's a brilliant example of how immersive a third person viewpoint can be in VR.

Superhot VR

The freedom of movement allowed by the Quest takes the physical nature of Superhot VR's gameplay to another level. The stylish graphics and dark tone give way to an incredible, Matrix-esq experience as you dodge bullets in slow-motion, catch guns in mid-air, throw ninja stars at enemies and all in all, just experience one of the most incredible games ever made for VR. All without the hassle of a bunch of wires holding you back.

Plus, with a rebuilt campaign, an endless mode and challenges, this game will keep you occupied for ages. It really is super. Hot.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal

There are three episodes to Star Wars: Vader Immortal and while each one is pretty short, the production values more than make up for their lack of length. By far the best of the three is the first episode, which introduces you to the world and puts you centre stage in your very own Star Wars adventure. The graphics are fantastic, the audio design and voice acting is top notch and the ability to stand face to face with Darth Vader is both incredible and intimidating at the same time.

The short length of the story is balanced out by the inclusion of the Lightsaber Dojo, which will make you feel like a boss with a lightsaber as you attempt to smash droids and your high scores, over and over again. You'll definitely Obi Wan-t this in your library.

Beat Saber

What can I say about Beat Saber that hasn't been said a million times already. If you have a Quest and you don't have this, you're doing the Quest wrong. Honestly, the Quest feels like it was made with Beat Saber specifically in mind and as such it's the perfect companion game for this little headset.

With the addition of a Quest exclusive 360 mode too, you'll feel the true freedom of wire-free VR and you'll never want to go back to other, wired headsets to play the game. Honestly, this game is just the best and it really is no wonder that it consistently sits at the top of the Most Popular and Top Selling sections of the Oculus Quest charts.

And that, my wire-free friends, is that! Hopefully you found this list feature helpful, but if you think I missed out on covering a cracking Quest game, do tell us about it in the comments below and share your favourite games with those who are new to the system!

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