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Street Fighter 5 pro Infiltration kicked off esports team following domestic abuse investigation

And he's out of the Capcom Pro Tour until 2020.

The career of legendary 33-year-old South Korean fighting game pro Lee Seon-woo, better known as Infiltration, appears to be in tatters after he was kicked off his esports team following a domestic abuse investigation.

Lee Seon-woo, aka Infiltration.

Following a separate investigation by Street Fighter developer Capcom, the five-time Evolution champion pulled out of the remainder of the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour and the entire 2019 Capcom Pro Tour.

Esports team Panda Global published the results of its investigation into domestic abuse allegations this week, following reports Infiltration had battered and tortured his ex-wife.

Panda Global said Infiltration was served a temporary restraining order on 22nd October 2017 following an "altercation", as it puts it. Then, on 30th November 2017, Infiltration was charged with violence and was fined the equivalent of £490, which he paid in full.

In a video statement by Panda Global CEO Alan Bunney, CEO, the organisation announced it had terminated its contract with Infiltration. It said Infiltration told the organisation he intends to go to court to clear his name.

Capcom issued its own statement, suggesting Infiltration removed himself from the CPT, as opposed to Capcom itself kicking him out.

"In acknowledgment of a first offense, he has voluntarily withdrawn himself from competition for the agreed upon period of the rest of the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour season, including Capcom Cup Finals this year, and the full 2019 CPT season," Capcom said.

"A second offense will result in a lifetime ban from participating in all future Capcom Pro Tour events."

Infiltration was set to star at the Capcom Cup Finals, and was ranked 11th in the global standings for the season. Now he's out of the tournament, those below this rank will move up one position.

While Infiltration denies wrongdoing and intends to clear his name, it's hard to see how he can come back from this damaging disqualification and the termination of his esports contract. Other esports teams and potential sponsors will no doubt steer clear, and Capcom itself will be under pressure if it lets Infiltration compete at one of its events in the future.

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