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Spelunky mod lets you replay exact levels, share with friends

Fixes bug where the ghost kills during a cutscene.

A key component of Spelunky's brilliance lies in its randomly generated levels, but sometimes you just want to be given a second chance when a particularly promising run is cut short by a stupid mistake. And now, thanks to a new mod, you can!

Seedlunky HD.

Enter Seedlunky HD, a new mod by Mossmouth forum user Too Many Notes. This allows players to create a custom "seed" that generates a particular set of stages. Players can then share this seed with their friends so they can compete on a level playing field, or simply retry the same obstacle course multiple times.

Too Many Noted noted that this won't work with the game's wonderful Daily Challenge mode that gives every player the same set of levels, but only lets them attempt it once.

Some are concerned that this new mod will cause chaos to unfurl upon the Spelunky leaderboards, and while it will give some users a leg up in boosting their score, it should be easy to spot cheating in competitive high level runs as it would be obvious if the player is tailoring their playstyle to upcoming situations they couldn't possibly know about. "If randoms start posting WR-breaking videos to YouTube nobody will believe them," said Too Many Notes. "The guys who break WRs stream for hours a day on Twitch and are known members of the community, and that's how it should be."

Beyond giving players renewed attempts at stable stages, Seedlunky HD also fixes some bugs in the core game. So far the only fix is in response to a glitch where destroying three alters causes a ghost to kill you during the intro cutscene to Olmec. Now the "altar ghost" will still spawn, but only after 15 seconds.

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