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Sony's Smash Bros. rival is called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - survey

E3 reveal rumoured.

Sony's Smash Bros. rival is called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, according to a survey.

A Sony questionnaire that asked gamers what they thought of the name of the game, and the game itself, was published by PlayStation Lifestyle. The site claims the PlayStation 3 exclusive will be announced at E3 in June.

If the report is true, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is the final name for the fighting game codenamed Title Fight, reportedly in development at new studio SuperBot Entertainment.

In November last year images of the game popped up online, showing Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal series and Kratos from God of War, who appeared in the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat as a guest character. Parappa the Rappa, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Colonel Mael Radec (Killzone) and Fat Princess are also on the roster.

Arenas include a Sandover Village stage (from Jak & Daxter), a Hot Shots Golf stage, a LittleBigPlanet stage and a Buzz! trivia mini-game.

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