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Sonic creator reveals Rodea for 3DS

Yuji Naka working on airborne shooter.

Sonic creator and Prope boss Yuji Naka has unveiled his next project, an aerial shoot 'em up for 3DS and Wii called Tenku no Kishi: Rodea.

According to a report in Famitsu, as translated by 1Up, the title sees a return to the gameplay style of Naka's SEGA Saturn classic NiGHTS, albeit with a greater focus on blasting enormous bosses out of the sky.

Not much else is known about the game just yet, except that the story is being penned by Takumi Miyajima of relative Tales of the Abyss and Arc Rise Fantasia fame.

Hitoshi Hasegawa, from the game's Japanese publisher Kadokawa Games said, "I've always wanted a game that captured the wonder of flying through the air, the sort of thing everyone's dreamed about at least once in their lives.

"The idiosyncracies of player and camera control have always been a problem with that, but with his unique perspective and experience, Naka has been able to find a solution for us."

Yuji Naka's last effort was Ivy the Kiwi?, a clever platformer that snuck onto the DS and Wii late last year.

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Rodea the Sky Soldier

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