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SOE unveils 17th EverQuest expansion

House of Thule due out in October.

Sony Online Entertainment has unveiled the 17th (!) expansion for EverQuest, House of Thule, and said it will be out on 12th October.

House of Thule increases the level cap to 90 and introduces player housing and hundreds of related items.

For your money you also get 18 new Raids, 13 Zones, more than 450 new spells, 17 missions, more than 120 quests and an inventory increase.

But what is the House of Thule? Well. Apparently the land of Norrath is in disarray because prominent figures are falling into dream-induced comas, and the House of Thule appears to be the reason.

"A strange home has appeared in the Feerrott jungle, its look sinister, its purpose, unknown," SOE has explained.

"Upon entering the house, the air is thick with tension, caused by an ensuing conflict between the Thule deities; Cazic, Terris and Morell; the Lord of Dreams.

"Their turmoil has affected the world of Norrath, clashing reality with delusion, and around every twisting passageway, dreams and nightmares take on their physical forms."

Amazing scenes, we're sure you'll agree. Check out the screenshots below.

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EverQuest: House of Thule

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