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Silverfall to include game editor

Downloadable after launch.

A game editor for Silverfall will be available to download soon after the game's 9th March release, developer Monte Cristo confirmed to Eurogamer this morning, though most of the advanced features are yet to be finalised.

"It's quite a challenge for us as we have to modify our developer tool into a public tool," the developer admitted. "What is for sure is that we're working on it."

The availability of of a toolset is something other games, like Neverwinter Nights, have used to great success; inspiring a large and loyal community following.

Whilst Silverfall in many respects is a traditional action RPG, following in the footsteps of Diablo, or Titan Quest, Monte Cristo is keen to point out the title's individuality at every opportunity.

The cel-shaded style of the characters mark a unique visual look for the game, and the freedom of choice in where you go and how you develop is something the developer feels is paramount to the Silverfall experience.

"We tried to create a universe which, even if reminding some of other fantasy worlds, is yet quite original and unique," Monte Cristo said. "The extent of the player's freedom to create the character he wants is unprecedented in a hack-and-slash game."

Two multiplayer modes will be included: Free mode, where you'll take on all the side missions in co-op or competitively against your friends; and Campaign mode, which will let you create a group to adventure through the main story.

If your Orc-skin is tingling at the prospect of this, you'd probably better check out the recently released single-player demo.

Alternatively you can head over to the game's website for more information.

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