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Silverfall dated

Confirmed for March.

Standing proudly amongst the realms of fantasy is Koch, which today confirmed to Eurogamer that Silverfall will be released on 9th March across Europe.

The game, developed by Monte Cristo, is a traditional RPG romp for PC with a cel-shaded twist. Choose to follow science or nature in your quest to find the evil behind the attack on the city of Silverfall, which alters its appearance depending on your alignment and progress throughout the adventure.

Play as a human, elf, goblin or troll, and level up your abilities in two separate skill trees, each providing 10 unique talents. Kit yourself out in the best available armour, and arm yourself with the most menacing weapons, whilst gaining allies and fame on your quest for vengeance.

Phew, so, if you fancy trying an early portion of the game for yourself, you can ride the waves of digital guidance over to the recent single-player demo for the game.

However, don't worry if you're not ready for that sort of commitment, because you can always use our gallery and EGTV to help make your mind up.

Alternatively you can head over to the game's website for more information.

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