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Sea of Thieves' spooky Festival of the Damned event is simple but brings some nice rewards

Sails! Face paint! Coloured ship lanterns!

Sea of Thieves' latest update is here, bringing with it the appropriately Halloween-y Festival of the Damned - alongside a variety of limited-time treats, new face paint, and, most importantly of all, coloured ship lanterns.

All told, the Festival of the Damned is one of Sea of Thieves' simpler Bilge Rat Adventure offerings - which, for those unfamiliar, is the name given to Rare's bi-weekly mini-events that come between large-scale content updates.

Essentially, this latest event is themed around death. There's a new Well of Fates to be found on the Ferry of the Damned, and its flame will change colour depending on the form of grisly demise that brings you aboard the ghost ship. Get killed by a shark, for instance, and a blue flame will be yours. These coloured flames can then be carried back to the land of the living - and used to light beacons hidden across the world.

By completing the new set of Commendation challenges, players are able to earn doubloons, which, for the duration of the event, can be used to unlock a limited-time Festival of the Damned ship sail, skull lantern, and a selection of face paints. In fact, the update introduces face paint as a new cosmetic item in a big way - with around 17 other designs permanently available to purchase from outposts. Be sure to check different biomes for new varieties too.

By far the coolest addition in Sea of Thieves' latest update, however, comes in the form of a feature long-requested by fans: by using the coloured flames from the Ferry of the Damned, you're now able to change the lantern hues on your own ship - and it's amazing what a spot of colour can do for the ambience of your immediate surroundings. For instance, it's hard not to feel like a pirate badass, rocking into battle swathed in a ghostly green glow.

A few of this week's limited-time rewards.

Although the bulk of activities in this week's Bilge Rat Adventure should only take a few hours to complete, there's a surprising amount of other stuff in Sea of Thieves' latest update as far as fixes and improvements go. The biggies include welcome changes to server migration - so that you won't lose treasure once you're transplanted to a new ocean - and better Devil's Roar rewards. However, there's a load more listed in the latest patch notes.

Rare recently announced that billowing fog will be inbound as part of Sea of Thieves' next major update, Shrouded Spoils, which is due to arrive some time in November.

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