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Sea of Thieves' chaotic Borderlands collaboration event is now underway

Explode stuff to earn a Borderlands ship set.

If you've finally wrapped up every last challenge from Sea of Thieves' utterly stupendous Pirates of the Caribbean story expansion and are in need of new adventure, Rare has a fresh batch of chaos for players to embark on, courtesy of a new Borderlands-themed collaboration event.

Sea of Thieves' newly announced Making Mayhem event is, as its name suggest, all about causing a ruckus out on the waves, challenging players to earn Favour with the Bilge Rats by completing a range of different (and largely explosion-focussed) activities.

Minor Mayhem challenges give pirates the opportunity to earning a "fair" amount of Favour by doing things like detonating Gunpowder Skeletons in a chain reaction or destroying a Ghost Ship, while Major Mayhem challenges are considerably more lucrative. A "good" amount of Favour can be earned by opening one of the Gold Hoarders' Treasure Vaults, for instance, and other activities, such as completing a Tall Tale, reward a "huge" amount of Favour.

Sea of Thieves - Mayhem Ship Set Reveal Trailer.

By and large, it's pretty straightforward stuff and it shouldn't require too much dedication or deviation from your usual adventuring to earn enough Favour to unlock the event's seven tiers of rewards, each of which serves up a new bit of the Mayhem Ship Set. Flag is first, followed by hull, figurehead, sails, capstan, wheel, then cannons, all adding up to a rather garish whole that Borderlands fans (or, er, fans of off-brand McDonald's, I guess) can use to adorn their vessels.

Sea of Thieves' Making Mayhem event is now underway and wraps up on 7th September. Full details can be found both in-game and via the Event Hub website.

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