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EGX Rezzed 2014 developer sessions

All this year's presentations, featuring Dean Hall, Alien Isolation and many more.

Welcome to the live stream page for EGX Rezzed 2014! The show took place at the NEC in Birmingham from Friday 28th March until Sunday 30th March and featured three days of top-notch playable PC, indie and next-gen games as well as another round of amazing developer sessions, featuring the likes of Dean Hall, Mike Bithell, Ragnar Tornquist and Creative Assembly. You can check out recordings of each session below.

Friday 28th March

1pm - DayZ with Dean 'Rocket' Hall

2pm - Volume with Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell

3pm - Something new! (18+) Relic reveals new Company of Heroes 2 content

4pm - Tango Fiesta from Spilt Milk Studios

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5pm - ANGELINA the AI that makes video games

Saturday 29th March

1pm - Fear and horror in games with Dean Hall, Creative Assembly's Al Hope (Alien: Isolation), Will Porter from The Indie Stone (Project Zomboid) and Techland's Maciej Binkowski (Dying Light)

2pm - Dying Light (18+) with Dead Island dev Techland

3pm - Alien: Isolation (18+) with Creative Assembly

4pm - Dreamfall Chapters featuring live gameplay with Ragnar Tornquist

5pm - Dean Hall live interview - what's next for the DayZ creator?

Sunday 30th March

1pm - Storytelling in games with Mike Bithell (indie dev hero), Holly Gramazio (writer & designer), Ed Stern (Splash Damage) and Dean Hall

2pm - Oh no! More zombies with Project Zomboid dev The Indie Stone and Dean Hall

3pm - Eurogamer.net Podcast Live with EG's top writers

4pm - The Creative Assembly Game Jam live gameplay and judging

5pm - Frozen Endzone with Mode 7

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