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Reader Reviews

This week: Frequency, Desert Combat, Project Zero and iPod. iPod!?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Another huge virtual sack full of mail tumbled open and spilled its precious wares all over our virtual desks this week, so much so that once again we've been forced to hold some of your reviews over. We have caught up on all of last week's backlog though, as far as we're aware. However irrelevant.

What's this week's prize, you ask? We've got quite a few little bundles of rubbish set aside for Reader Reviews at the moment, but this week's winner walks away with what we're affectionately referring to in the office as a "Breed strap-on". Or, more accurately, one of those bags that you can Velcro-fasten round your chest with "Breed" written on the back. We're even throwing in a CDV pen. Yes.

[Exhales gently.] And since the poor bugger is a student, we'll pop a copy of NBA Street Vol.2 in the bag for him. There.