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Long read: How TikTok's most intriguing geolocator makes a story out of a game

Where in the world is Josemonkey?

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Reader Reviews

It's back. There's no stopping it.

Well chaps, you've excelled yourselves. We had a tremendous response last week, and even more reviews in time for this Thursday's edition. So, we've been forced to hold some of them over - apologies for that - but we shall endeavour to post them all in the fullness of time. We may well start upping the number that we include in each instalment, too!

Anyway, no doubt you are wondering about this week's prize! And given the winner, we've decided to make it a Cube game. Not a good one, obviously, but we're working on it. So, this week's winner will take home a copy of the, er, inspired WWE Crush Hour from THQ [this originally said Take-Two, but I was being distracted by F-Zero GX so it's an understandable error -Ed]. It's a US copy, but we're sure he'll have no trouble firing it up. We're also throwing in a "squidgy Cube toy" for his nipper. Aren't we the best?