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Gizmondo: Games

Are any worth buying?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following on from Monday's hardware review, now we come to the really important stuff: the games. The Gizmondo sure looks good on paper, with a 400MHZ processor, 128 Bit 3D graphics accelerator and Bluetooth connectivity for multiplayer gaming, but how does the system fare when it comes to actually playing it?

So far, it doesn't seem to us that the developers have made the most of the machine. As you'll gather from the reviews below, some titles are plagued by blocky backgrounds and tiny sprites - but those that aren't feature sharp, colourful graphics and look pretty impressive.

To date, the selection of titles is highly limited, and only a few are of good enough quality to warrant a purchase. Things really need to pick up in the next few months to persuade punters to take the plunge - and they might well do, with games like Richard Burns Rally and Alien Hominid on the way, not to mention the augmented reality nonsense. But for now, the list is looking decidedly patchy. Here's a rundown of some of the titles already available.