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Podcast S2E12: Destiny, D&D and games that feel like work

What a way to make a living.

A better-than-hello (sorry) to news editor Wesley Yin-Poole, who joins host Bertie Purchese and me on the podcast this week, and with good reason. He's been to Seattle - well, Bellevue - to hang out with Bungie and play Destiny, its new not-an-MMO MMO.

He likes it, too, and does a lot to help demystify a game that's only now starting to come into focus. It's all very exciting - but not half as exciting as Bertie and I banging on about what games can learn from Dungeons & Dragons. We've only had one session and we're converts.

Finally, we chat about gaming's complex relationship with work: why do some games feel like meaningful employment while others come off as demeaning slogs? Also, aren't we playing games to avoid work in the first place?

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